Training & consultancy


Preferred Futures is the North’s leading training provider in Family Group Conferencing (FGC). We offer the following services:

Introductory FGC training


To prepare practitioners to take on the independent Coordinator role. This training is accredited by Family Rights Group and forms the first part of the Post Graduate Certificate in Coordinating FGC which is accredited through Chester University.



For potential referrers, managers and other service providers.

This training can be delivered on either a ½ day or full day basis. The ½ day option describes the FGC model, gives examples of where it can be applied and informs how to make a referral. The full day does all the above but in more detail and covers the roles of the key people involved in the process.


Advocacy training


For practitioners and volunteers providing advocacy within FGCs.

This training can be delivered over a full day or 3 two hour sessions and participants are expected to have completed an introductory session to FGC prior to commencing this course. The training focuses purely on the role of the advocate within the FGC process and provides participants with the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake this role in practice.


Consultancy and mentoring

Support for Local Authorities and agencies wishing to set up and embed FGC into their area of work.

We provide tailor made consultancy packages to meet your agency requirements and help embed the model into your L/A or service and compliment this through our mentoring support scheme

Our training programmes have been delivered to a variety of multi-agency groups in both voluntary and statutory organisations in areas including London, Haringey, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Warrington, Wakefield, Grimsby, Bradford, Barnsley, Kirklees and North Yorkshire.

Comments & feedback

“The whole course was excellent”

“I would definitely recommend this course to others”

“Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and friendly. I found the course empowering and positive”

“It was pitched at just the right pace, nothing felt rushed and everything was covered”

“I will be recommending this course to my colleagues and spreading the great outcomes and work that can be achieved from FGC”

“How it was delivered, clearly and simply with a lot of interaction, information and practice was brilliant”

“It was different to what I expected, simple and felt empowering”

“Trainer excellent, friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, obvious practise experience, was reassuring”

“Clear explanations, confident and motivated training. Huge belief in the model. Very warm engaging training”

“The informality but also the idea of empowering families to be responsible for finding their own solutions, excellent”

“Easy to understand, clear and concise”

“A very good balance of theory and practice”

“Very well delivered, interesting, I looked forward to coming each day”

“Thanks I have learned a lot, looking forward to a new challenge”

“Great, really enjoyed it, I feel more confident in FGC now. I love new resources”

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