Our Story

Preferred Futures Family Services are an innovative team of three like-minded people. We have a wide range of experience that allows us to provide a bespoke service. Our unique selling point is that we are positioned where we can be most effective to fill the gaps and cracks in children and family services by being flexible creative and cost effective.

The driving force which brings us together is our shared belief in individuals as experts in their own lives. We are dedicated Family Group Conference (FGC) and Solution Focused practitioners and the principles behind these two approaches, which inspire and motivate us, are totally in sync with our own values. In turn, they allow us to be who we want to be – agents for change, facilitators of active participation and supporters of forging genuine partnerships.

The model has led us into a more meaningful world which we believe reflects what true collaborative practice should look like – person centred, solution focused, strengths based and culturally responsive. Practising FGC has heightened our sense of power imbalance and changed the way we relate and respond to families and indeed each other. It’s refreshing for us to let go of our professional power and be able to provide this vehicle for real family led decision making which puts families back in the driving seat. We want to encourage and promote a “nothing about us, without us” approach to engaging families and communities.

Our aim is to halt what can be a revolving door syndrome in family services and expand the use of FGC to promote community cohesion and widen the support network wherever a plan or decision is needed.

When a former service user who had been involved with family services for over 10 yrs and in her words “tried everything before finally being offered an FGC” then tells us during a follow up evaluation call “I’m not being funny love, but we don’t need any services anymore” we know we’re onto a winner!

We are passionate about the difference FGC can make and our mission is to empower individuals to make lasting changes and live their preferred futures.

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