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Preferred Futures are a dynamic Family Support Service based at The Business Village@BIC Barnsley. Our dedicated professional experienced team established in 2014 has worked in Barnsley and across surrounding areas throughout this period. We cover a wide area of issues including Divorce/Separation (child contact plans), supervision of contact,family breakdown, behaviour management, children’s emotional well being.

We deliver Family Group Conference work if appropriate and can organise the whole process, including bringing together wider family, friends, neighbours and any significant others including professionals who may be involved.

We want to offer families the opportunity to resolve issues themselves with regard to child contact plans in Divorce and Separation, rather than going through the expensive, emotional and energy draining court system. We believe that families are capable of finding their own solutions with the right help and support.We deliver a person centred approach and will work with any individual and their extended family support network.

Our service specialises in training and facilitating Family Group Conferencing (FGC) and can meet a wide range of need.

All families face difficulties at times and sometimes have problems that they just can’t seem to resolve. FGC is a way of bringing together extended families including friends, neighbours, significant others and any professional agencies involved. The purpose of which is to explore potential solutions and agree safe plans for the future.

FGC is used successfully both nationally and internationally particularly with children and young people. However, a family plan might be required to support a vulnerable adult or elderly relative (Please see examples on FGC page).

Family Group Conferencing can help wherever there is a plan or decision to be made.

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